Don’t spend any more of your valuable time writing out payroll checks, keeping track of your employees’ withholdings, or organizing all the various direct deposits! Our contracted payroll system has a simple start-up procedure that you can complete in just a few minutes and we will handle the rest.

Each pay period, we will provide you with laser-printed checks and reports. In addition, we will track and process your payroll tax payments for you, which ensures that you don’t accidentally end up with any penalties. This allows you to devote your time and energy to other aspects of your business.

Some of the payroll services we provide are:

  • Laser printed payroll checks — featuring your company’s name and logo
  • Payroll reports organized by employee, department, total, etc.
  • Payroll check register
  • Payment of third-party withholdings (insurance, uniforms, etc.)
  • Payment of all taxes withheld


Imagine having to record only one transaction for your entire payroll, making monthly bank reconciliations painless! We can even prepare the journal entries to upload the payroll records into your accounting software, if needed.

When you outsource your company’s payroll to us, you are not an anonymous client on the monthly schedule. You will receive personalized service and support throughout the process.

Additional payroll services

  • Employee checks and W2’s sealed in individual envelopes
  • Direct deposit of employee paychecks
  • Management reports in a PDF file
  • A complete year of payroll information on a CD for archival purposes